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Attorney Darrin E. Nye


Darrin E. Nye is a southwest Ohio attorney who routinely tries cases, to both the bench and jury, during his active court room-centered practice of over 17 years. His practice includes - but is not limited to - Criminal Defense, Juvenile, Family Law (including Divorce and Custody), Personal Injury, and General Law. He regularly practices law in Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties in southwest Ohio. 

Attorney Nye has a unique background that benefits his Clients. He holds a Criminal Justice degree from Xavier University and Law degree from the University of Cincinnati. He is a former Corrections Officer at a State of Ohio correctional facility, and has experience acting in the capacity of a special prosecutor.

In addition to his other experience, Attorney Darrin E. Nye is a proud supporter of the Ohio Innocence Project, serves as the Public Defender for the City of Forest Park, and is on the board of the Addiction Services Council.  He also maintains a position on the Felony, Misdemeanor, Dependency, and Guardian ad Litem panels with the Hamilton County Public Defender.

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