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Law Practice Specialties

Expertise from The Law Office of Darrin E. Nye

As an Attorney, I believe in being the best at what I do, and what I do best is Family, Juvenile, Criminal, and Personal Injury Law. I concentrate in these areas so that I can offer my Clients legal representation that is focused and efficient.

Law Practice Expertise: Practice Areas

Family Law

Assertive and Practical Legal Advice

Family Law is the area of law that deals with family-related matters for every type of family. 

The Law Office of Darrin E. Nye is YOUR advocate in helping you achieve results so you can move on with your life. Even the most amicable situation can benefit from a skilled Attorney's expertise.

The Law Office of Darrin E. Nye has more than 17 years of practical legal expertise in Family Law issues including:

Alimony and Spousal Support

Child Custody

Child Support

Civil Protection Orders


Divorce and Separation, including Uncontested Divorce and fixing DIY Divorces

Parental Rights

Post Decree Motions

Property Division

Retirement Division

Shared Parenting

Temporary Orders for Support and Visitation


Juvenile Law

Achieve Results with Experience

The Law Office of Darrin E. Nye also practices Juvenile Law, which is a specialized area that sometimes overlaps with both Family Law and Criminal Law. This area of law is in support of individuals that a state considers "Minors" (age may vary by state). Like adults, Minors do have the right to an attorney. Juvenile Law issues benefit from an experienced Juvenile Attorney since there are different court procedures, codes, legal rights, and consequences for Minors.

Families have counted on Attorney Darrin E. Nye during his law career to successfully represent them in Juvenile Law for issues including:

Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Support and Visitation





Legal Name Changes


Foster Care

Grandparents rights



Criminal Defense Law

Experienced Trial Attorney

Sometimes things don't go as expected and you may find yourself with a ticket or charged with a criminal activity. That's when it's best to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney, especially one like Darrin E. Nye who has long-time trial expertise.

Attorney Darrin E. Nye's unique background in Criminal Justice, Corrections, and Law is an asset. Someone accused of a crime deserves an Attorney who will do everything ethically possible to achieve the best outcome.

Since 2002 his Criminal Defense bench and jury trials encompass a variety of areas including:

Domestic Violence



Felonious Assaults

Gun Charges

Sex Crimes

Speeding and Traffic Tickets

Violent Crime

White Collar Crime


Personal Injury Law

Achieving Successful Legal Outcomes

Personal Injury law is when there's an issue or dispute involving some type of injury or harm, and someone else may be legally responsible for causing it.

Darrin E. Nye has nearly two decades of experience advising and presenting Clients for a variety of Personal Injury cases such as:

Automobile Accidents, including Car, Motorcycle, Truck, and Tractor-Trailer

Bicycle Accidents

Dog Bites

Pedestrian Accidents

Slip and Fall

Attorney Nye maintains an ethical standard, based on years of experience, of providing practical expectations and options. I don't get paid unless you get paid.

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